Machining centers


New and used woodworking machining centers, over than 2000 CNC ready for delivery of all brands, flexible machining centers for drilling, milling, edging, for frames, windows and doors up to 5, 6, 7 and 8 axes

The Machining centers, are a combination of machines for wood processing such as milling- boring and drilling machines.
A machining center belongs to the family of milling-boring and drilling machines (vertical or horizontal) and performs all operations, including the threading.

A machining center allows to perform all the machining operations with a single positioning of the piece.
Machining centers for wood, allow milling, drilling and boring operations  with excellent results.
A Cnc machining center derives from the need to make ever more flexible CNC MU systems(not disassembling the piece), equipping them with more and more devices ,  improving and speeding  productions, such as refrigeration of the machining center, swarf evacuation, automatic change of  tools magazine, automatic cleaning cone spindle,heads in multiple tools, warehouse management of pieces pending processing, automatic loading of workpieces, one or more turning tables, automatic zeroing tool, integrity checking tools and robots. 

A machining center for wood industry, is a machine with rotating tool, controlled with numerical cnc system, equipped with an automatic tool change and a worktable moving on one or two axes  and, possibly, rotating.
In some Machining centers,  controlled with numerical cnc system, the worktable can be double and in  models called "shuttle", the machining center is equipped with a device for automatic changing of the piece.
Some machining centers are equipped with an automatic changing of accessory heads with multiple spindles.
The structure of a machining center is composed by a footing, by at least one upright and a carriage on which is scrolling the worktable.
The elements of the machining centers are made of welded steel and / or iron castin and are usually characterized by a double wall nerved to ensure a high static and dynamic rigidity as well as to an effective damping of vibrations.
The Cnc  machining centers  used in the wood industry are also equipped with vertical movement of the spindle, which can  realize high precision engraving and machining operations.
Techniques used in machining centers can also get to be almost indistinguishable from products made by hand.
Using machining centers with conical or spherical cutters, we can realize surfaces completely smooth in such  a quickly and automated way  with a very low cost.
The best machining centers come to a precision of one ten-thousandth of a millimeter (100 nanometers).
The most advanced machining centers are equipped with tilting axes capable of rotating gyroscopically along two axes (normally called A, B, C or 4).
This allows you to tilt the tool respect to all work surfaces, making  possible to make very complex shapes with forms of organic kind and difficult to obtain even with a manual processing.
The heads tilting of a machining center for wood also allow to optimize the processing, allowing to work with the tool inclined  respect to the moving surface , avoiding to use the part of the tool at zero speed (center of rotation of the cutter).
All  modern machining centers are  "closed loop" : each axis is equipped with encoder (rotary encoders or opticalscales) that allow the control to know at any moment the position of the machining head to the workpiece. The use of optical lines, allows complete recovery of the games of transmission by measuring directly and not through the kinematic axis position and therefore a higher working precision.
Machining centers are available with multi-axis processing:
2 axis: motion only on X and Y.
2.5 axis (two and a half axes): these Machines are able to operate on all three axes, but only on discrete steps on one of them (usually the Z axis), these machining centers manage the interpolation only on two axes.
4 , 5 and more axes: in addition to the movement on the three axes X, Y and Z, it's possible adding, to the machining center surface,the inclination and eventually the rotation of the spindle or a swivel rotary table.
The cnc machining centers used in the wood industry, can realize almost any shape as long as the shape of the concavity doesn't go into interference with the spindle.