Rip saw machines

  • Tarbagatajskij zavod 600x200mm
    I sell the gatter frame saw Tarbagatajskij zavod Max width 600mm Max height 200mm Speed inverter built additionally. Very good condition, fully working. Available immediately.
    8 000,00 €
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  • PAUL 18 KGE
    83169 2 PAUL 18 KGE Saw line - transversal/longitudinal, with chalk line detection and camera marking system Optimization cross-cut saw Year of manufacture: 2011 Cutting width max mm: 1.000...
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  • SCM Z32
    I sell the automatic rip saw with scoring SCM Z32 Cutting length 3200mm. Main motor 7,5kW Scoring motor 1,1 kW Cutting height max. 90mm Total area covered W.5200mm x D.4500mm Very good...
    7 000,00 €
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  • Stori Mantel FLS 170
    I sell the rip saw with Laser positioning Stori Mantel FLS 170. Year 2009. Maximal cutting length 2500mm. Maximal cutting depth 650mm. Maximal cutting height 170mm. Automatic back inf...
    14 500,00 €
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    Solid wood ripping machine mod. MZ LC 2500 – renewed by MZ PROJECT SPECIFICATIONS Cutting length 0 – 2500 mm Cutting height 0 – 130 mm Cutting speed adjustable 0 – 60 mt/min Electri...
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  • COSTA CN - ML1 R 420
      Type de sciage : Sciage par délignage Commande numérique Montée/Baisse électrique Purge de défauts 3 lames mobiles 1 lame fixe Largeur du tapis: 420 mm Passage maxi...
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  • JRION HFS 170/ 15 SA
    Type de sciage : Sciage par délignage Laser commande à pédale protecteur supérieur Diamètre de la lame : max 550 mm Longueur de coupe : 4200 mm Hauteur de coupe : 170 mm...
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    chariot mobile course chariot 4000 mm hauteur de coupe 170 mm avance de coupe hydraulique 1 à 80 m/min largeur de coupe au guide 500 mm max Diamètre de la lame : 400 mm Haute...
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  •  Weinig Waco Jonsereds Waco BKL - Twin
    Refedino BKL - TWIN con motori potenziati per spaccare larice siberiano ad alta percentuale di umidità.Attrezzato di 02 volani per effettuare contemporaneamente 02 tagli alla velocità di 80...
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