Rip saw machines

    Year of manufacture 2007 Cutting width max 420 mm Cutting height max 180 mm Infeed length max 6.300 mm Main motor power 13,5 kW Programmable pusher Positioning unit with fixed pusher List cu...
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  • RAIMANN FLEXIRIP 4200 Digital
    Year of manufacture 2008 Cutting length max 4.200 mm Cutting width max 450 mm Number of saw blades 1 Saw blade projection 190 mm Saw blade diameter 600 mm Main motor power 11 kW Saw lowering...
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    Year of manufacture 2012 Cutting width min 20 mm Cutting width max 300 mm Cutting height min 10 mm Cutting height max 100 mm Saw blade diameter max 500 mm Infeed length max 6.300 mm Feedrate...
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  • OMGA T 2020 NC
    Optimizer Omga T 2020 NC Maximum element thickness 120mm Maximum element width 320mm Minimum element length 600mm Maximum feed speed 180m/min Saw motor power 5.5kw Feed motor power 7...
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  • OMGA T2020 NC
    Optimizer Omga T 2020 NC Maximum element thickness 120mm Maximum element width 320mm Minimum element length 600mm Maximum feed speed 180m/min Saw motor power 5.5kw Feed motor power 7...
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  • stotti mantel KR 4020
    longitudinal saw for cutting boards 4 meters stotti mantel KR 4020
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  •  Friulmac FN3
    Tenoner and formatter Friulmac FN3 2 trimming units 2 milling aggregates Cutting aggregates with a power of 2×2.2kw Milling aggregates with a power of 2×2.2kw 2.5kw hydraulic pump Le...
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  • Magic SIM 30
    Magic SIM 30 circular saw Worktop 800x700mm Cutting height 85mm Maximum saw blade size 300mm Cutting on the right side max 700mm Manual raising and lowering of the saw Cutting unit t...
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  • Selco Wna 650 Multipusher 2.4
    Selco angular panel saw with Esse2 multi-position automatic unloader Osi Numerical Control Optiplanning Optimizer for optimizing cutting patterns Os Labeling labeller Pre-cut man...
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  • MZ PROJECT LC 3000
    cutting , trimming saw machine for solid wood MZ PROJECT LC 3000 . second hand machine  CE regulation: YES lengthwise cutting of solid wood planks and panels length max. of cut...
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  • KUSING HRP / OP 500
    Rip saw for cutting waste material (SLABS). Suitable for processing waste after an angle circular saw. Combined woodworking machine for processing waste material. It offers a two-in-one s...
    26 800,00 €
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  • KUSING RPP-800
    Multiripsaw with feed belt suitable for very precise cutting low materials. The perfect solution for parquet manufacturers. Technical parameters: Main engine power : 3 / 4 kW Shaft diam...
    7 800,00 €
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  • JRION HLS170 HLS 170
    Length saw JRION HLS170 HLS 170 Edger JRION HLS170 - C2819 JRION Parallel guide 500 mm Mobile blade carriage 80 m/min max Upper presser Pedal operated Ideal for carpentry, solid...
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    Massive wood edger  ACMA DM - C2794 ACMA Ref: C2794 hydraulic advance of the cutting unit pedal control parallel guide 550 mm SIKO pneumatic pressure for clamping parts Blade...
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    Year of manufacture 2017 Cutting width min 40 mm Cutting width max 300 mm Cutting height min 12 mm Cutting height max 225 mm Saw blade diameter max 700 mm Infeed length max 6.000 mm Feedrate...
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    Year of manufacture 2013 Cutting width max 400 mm Cutting height max 170 mm Saw blade diameter max 600 mm Infeed length max 4.000 mm Main motor power 11 kW Number of ejectors 1 Feed-through...
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  • KUSING KP-5000
    Machine for processing of large large-area composite panel materials With this machine you are able to process high-height panels semi-finished products which are otherwise difficult to p...
    32 000,00 €
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  • KUSING OP-2P-500
    Fast and efficient machine. The machine is a perfect solution especially for hardwood processors up to a maximum height of approx. 35 mm who want to achieve maximum material yield and hig...
    7 250,00 €
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  • Stromab TR600
    * dimensions of shelves 220 x 90 cm * clean, straight, unbent shelves and no dents * shelf clearance - 50 cm * 6 pressure pistons with a diameter of 55 mm each * pistons clean, tight, no...
    8 500,00 €
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  • Cosmec TR100
    Piła poprzeczna Cosmec TR100 Maksymalna wysokość cięcia 150mm Maksymalna szerokość cięcia 900mm Średnica piły 500mm Pneumatyczny docisk materiału Pneumatyczny przejazd piły Sterowani...
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    Piła poprzeczna REMA DMDK-50B Wysokość cięcia max 160mm Szerokość cięcia max 585mm Moc silnika 6kw Średnica piły 500mm Średnica wrzeciona piły 30mm Prędkość obrotowa piły 3000r.p.m...
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    Piła do cięcia wzdłużnego ACMA DM Długość cięcia 3000mm Wysokość cięcia 90mm przy pile 400mm Maksymalna szerokość cięcia 550mm Maksymalna średnica piły 450mm Posuw agregatu tną...
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  • JRION HFS 170/ 15 SA
    Type de sciage : Sciage par délignage Laser commande à pédale protecteur supérieur Diamètre de la lame : max 550 mm Longueur de coupe : 4200 mm Hauteur de coupe : 170 mm...
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    chariot mobile course chariot 4000 mm hauteur de coupe 170 mm avance de coupe hydraulique 1 à 80 m/min largeur de coupe au guide 500 mm max Diamètre de la lame : 400 mm Haute...
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  • COSTA CN - ML1 R 420
      Type de sciage : Sciage par délignage Commande numérique Montée/Baisse électrique Purge de défauts 3 lames mobiles 1 lame fixe Largeur du tapis: 420 mm Passage maxi...
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