On this page are listed presses for sale on our website. You can find new and used presses for wood, membrane presses, pressing lines, hot and cold presses, automatic, hydraulic and oleodynamic presses and veener presses

Other machines on this category

AMASPRESS 2100X1300 membrane press Amaspress Amaspress 64
Hot Press Italpresse mod.MEC 4 B Italpresse Mod. mec4 b
Hot press - ORMAMACCHINE - NPC DIGIT 6/90 AS-BO, CE Ormamacchine Npc digit 6/90 as-bo
hot press COLOMBO REMO . second hand Colombo remo 3000 x 1300
hot press FAMA 2250x1250x1700 kg 2500 Fama 2250x1250x1700 kg 2500
Hot press Sergiani-Leopida Sergiani-leopida
hot press with middle floor Orma macchine Middle floor
Ironing pressing line (Hot and Cold) Colombo eredi 1400 x 4600
ITALPRESSE membrane press Italpresse Press
Manual finger joint plant Euroteck italia Fj-2000
Membrane hot press Orma for Corian Orma Hot press duplex 4013
Membrane press BÜRKLE MULTIFOILER BTF 1528 -1400 Rotation Bürkle Multifoiler btf 1528 -1400 rotation
Orma cold press Model PFL 21 Orma macchine Pfl 21
Presmatic - automatic press Balestrierimac - woodworking machinery Presmatic
press for blockboard - OMC Omc machinery Pls
Sergiani Leopida press gu655 Sergiani leopida L cf
Siempelkamp plywood hot press Pagnoni Plywood press
Siempelkamp plywood press PR 2500 x 1300 Siempelkamp Pr 2500 x 1300
Vacuum membrane press Cantarinigroup Cantarini group 2850 x 1150 mm
WEMHOENER VARIOPRESS UNIVERSAL 2000 S Membrane Presses Wemhoener Variopress universal 2000 s
Wilmar 3 piston mold press Wilmar 3 pistoni
Leopida Sergiani - Pressa a caldo 3000x1300 Leopida - sergiani 3000x1300
Pressa Meccanica OTI 120T O.t.i. 120t ursus 2g
Pressa Pellegrini 2500x1300 Pellegrini Pressa