Woodworking machinery - by user BARDI MACCHINE (DUMBO Srl)

  • CML sca 320 t 350
    Machine in consignment 400V / 50 Hz HP 75 / kW 55 saws engine power  1.5 kW Power engine of advance feeder  0 a 36 m/1” speed of...
    Multi rip saws, Second hand, Italy
  • CML SCA 350 ST350
    second hand multirip saw double shaft CML SCA 350 ST350 mm 180 max cutting height mm 20 min cutting height mm 700 min cutting length...
    Multi rip saws, Second hand, Italy
  • Artiglio ST115 Lmi 900
    Claw column ST 115 Diameter of the flywheels 1150 mm. Flywheel band 140 mm for blade width 150x1.2x7900 Automatic blade tensioner with inlet...
    Log band saws, Second hand, Italy
  • OMGA TRF 527
    DOUBLE MITER SAW OMGA USED TRF 527 Miter saw used for cutting glass, slats max size 2500 x 60 x 50 mm to CE standards
    Crosscut saws, Second hand, Italy
  • omga ti 88
    automatic notching machine for cross joints  omga ti 88
    Milling machines, Second hand, Italy
  • COMAFER D 110 N
    Briquetting machine Comafer Dinamic 110 N max diameter briquets mm 65 Output 50/110 kg/h Pump kW 75,5 with cooling system
    Briquette machines, Second hand, Italy
    Calibro sander of 1350 VIET CHALLENGE 323 B Development mm 1300x2620 At three units  Top width mm 1350 First unit of 90 sh...
    Wide belt sanders, Second hand, Italy
  • Monguzzi 2300
    used veneer guillotines Monguzzi 2300 width min/max mm 25/900 Length max of cutting mm 2350 new blade as spare part
    Veneer guillotines, Second hand, Italy
  • Italmeccanica Rollerwood 2M
    Sanding brushing machine Italmeccanica Rollerwood 2 M worktop mm 3000 x 1100 nr.1 longitudinal brusher width mm 1100 nr. 1 transversal...
    Brushing machines, Second hand, Italy
  • CGA Busy BEE 1350/22
    Second hand wide belt sander mm 1350 CGA Busy BEE 1350/22 02 units roller/roller development mm 2620 x 1380 work top mm 1350 1st unit diam. mm 250...
    Wide belt sanders, Second hand, Italy
  • Biesse Rover C6.65 R
    Machining centre Biesse Modello Rover C6.65 R Software BIESSE WORKS Working field X mm 6200 Working field Y mm 1535 Working field Z mm 250...
    Machining centers, Second hand, Italy
  • SIMAL S 95
    Boring screwing milling   
    Machining centers, Second hand, Italy
    Wooden scrapes boiler Ferroli series LBS 250 for hot water production heat emanating from the heat source kW 364 overheated water 90° C...
    Dust collectors, Second hand, Italy
  • Scm Sandya C90
    Used wide belt sanding machine Scm Sandya C90  Nr. 1 Roll diam . mm 300 - 90 sh Useful width of work mm 900 Max height of work mm 160 Main...
    Wide belt sanders, Second hand, Italy
  • nn 4
    Second hand log-loading Back system nr. 6 chains Height from ground mm 2000 Motor reducer SOM Epicicloidal www.bardimacchine.com
    Roller conveyors, Second hand, Italy
  • Griggio TS3200
    Table saw with spindle moulder Griggio  TS 3200 Cast iron carriage of mm 3200 Saw unit engine HP 5,5 Saw diameter mm 350...
    Saws - spindle moulders, Second hand, Italy
  • SMC REGO 92/CP
    Second hand clamping machine SMC REGO 92/CP Useful size mm 3000 x 2000 Nr. 2 vertical pistons running mm. 1100 diam. mm 80 Nr. 2 horizontal...
    Clamping machines, Second hand, Italy
  • Tagliabue 1350
    second hand wide belt sander tagliabue At 1 band Width feeder mm 1350 with vacuum variable avance speed  Moving head ...
    1050.00 €
    Wide belt sanders, Second hand, Italy
  • Scm Tech 95
    machining centre point to point Scm series Tech 95  nr. 3 axis worktop mm 1800 x               mm...
    4200.00 €
    Machining centers, Second hand, Italy
    3100.00 €
    Chisel mortiser, Second hand, Italy
  • Holzher Sprint 1412-4
    Edge bander Holzher Sprint 1412-4 Grinding Unit Strips edges loader Gluing unit with cartridge and comb nozzle End cutting group Overlapping...
    Edgebanders, Second hand, Italy
  • Bongioanni STN 1600
    Headrig Bongioanni model STN1600 for exotic Clockwise rotation – Blade mm 200 Diameter flywheels mm 1600 Flywheel face width mm 190 Blade...
    Log band saws, Second hand, Italy
  • Alber RB5-AE2-PA
    Combined sharpening machine Alber complete with grinding Suitable for left plant Blade width mm 100 ÷ 360 Tooth pitch mm 15 ÷ 75 Clearance angle...
    Grinding machines, Second hand, Italy
  • Dumbo 1200
    left hand – anti-clockwise logbandsaw Flywheel diameter mm 1200 Flywheel face mm 120 – blade mm 130x1,2x8300 mm Full cast iron balanced...
    Log band saws, Second hand, Italy
  • SAC T120
    Spindle moulder SAC T120 with automatic feeder   www.bardimacchine.com
    Spindle moulding machines, Second hand, Italy
  • Scartatrice mm 600 - 700 - 800
    Disk sanding machine Second hand diameter mm 600 - 700 - 800 www.bardimacchine.com
    Sanding machines, Second hand, Italy
    sharpening machine vollmer cana/h Progress from right side to the grinding wheel  Width max blade mm 200 Diameter grinding wheel mm 200 Pitch of...
    Grinding machines, Second hand, Italy
  • Blue City Il Cubatore
    Measurement by vocal imput (any language) check in real-time by smartwatch viewing  Web Platform : Package management and...
    Tools, New, Italy
  • nn nn
    Impianto di aspirazione a castelletto a 3 sacchi Potenza del ventilatore Hp 7,5 - Kw 5,5 N° 32 Maniche di filtraggio Diam.200 Scuotitore per...
    Dust collectors, Second hand, Italy
  • nn nn
    castelletto per aspirazione usato
    Dust collectors, Second hand, Italy