pressure -vacuum autoclave impregnation machine

Apv (autoclave vuoto pressione)


Technical details

» Siemens-based PLC for the automatic management of impregnation cycles, program saving and data storage for each cycle including those for preserving consumption, remote internet control (optional equipment).
» Dimensions of vessels:
standard diameters D= 1000/1500/1800 mm, minimum length = 6 meters.
»Max working pressure P= 12/13 bar.
»Min working pressure P= -0,97 bar.
»Internal tracks with carriage with antifloating device.
»Closing door system designed for the highest reliability.
»Device for liquid level indication inside.
»Safety valve for max pressure.
»Control board (PLC) for the full-automatic management of the treatment cycles.
-Tank for preparing preservative solution, with pump and electrical mixer.
-Motorised extraction of carriage and door.

We build 2 models of impregnators:
- Mod. APV1: model with tank and vessel. The tank is used as storage for the preservative solution and placed under the vessel.
- Mod. APV2: model with double vessel. The upper vessel is supported by free-standing structure and contains the preservative solution.
In the picture you can find misures relative to our standard machines (optimized to avoid the use of special transport), but we can build the impregnators with measures required by the Customers. In fact, our machines are designed, built and tested entirely in our factory.
Here you will find a team of engineers and technicians that will give the best solution for you.
Please visit our website and contact us for more information.


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