Automatic edgebander Biesse - artech division - biesseedge Akron 850 Second hand 2006

Biesse - artech division - biesseedge
Akron 850

Biesse Super Full

Akron 850 c.n.c.

Year 2006

Anti-noise and illuminated cab

Entrance guide with 4 pneumatic stops from c.n.c.

Track with anti-stain plates and advanced speed pieces from c.n.c.

Automatic piece timer

Shoulder presser motorized and regulated by c.n.c.

Anti-adhesive riepe liquid sprayer group

4-stroke double motor grinding group from c.n.c.

Infrared lamp

Polyurethane glue bonding group pur

Preparation for normal eva glue

Pressure zone with axis motor adjustment by c.n.c.

Headers activated by c.n.c.

Antistatic riepe liquid sprayer group

Roughing trimming group

Edge trimming group with 4 axis motor adjustment from c.n.c.

Multifunction 2 motor rounding unit

Edge scraper group with relative chip collection box

Glue scraper group

Liquid sprayer group riepe cleaner

Brushes group

Sprayers with original first assembly plant



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