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2850 x 1150 mm

This is the best-selling model of the press. It has usable pressing surface of dimensions 2850 x 1150 mm. The press has large variability and possibility of use. Pressing of square panels (doors), shaped workpieces (door frames), bended workpieces (chairs, arches etc.).This press can replace multi deck press in small and medium-small joineries.

Heating ventilator

Original heating system was replaced by heating ventilators that enable quicker and more even heating of working area. Due to the heating ventilators you will be able to save electricity and prolong the lifetime of membrane because of lower heat load.


Rubber membrane with heat resistance up to 120 °C


Working area    2 850 x 1 150 mm            

Vacuum pump  16/25/40 m3/h

Size  3 050 x 1 400 x 1 520 mm   

Weight 275 + 60 kg       

Power  4,55/4,75/5,25 kW        

Voltage  400 V  

Working temperature   0 - 60°C

Membrane   Rubber

Membrane elasticity  700%        

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