Colombo eredi & c. s.r.l.

The Group, established in 1961, has its operating Italian Headquarters in VILLASANTA with subsidiaries, stores equipments and global network agents throughout the world, is supplying individual machineries or complete facilities to the worldwide wood mills and is the leader in PRE-OWNED or FULLY RENEWED Equipment for Wood Based Panels Industries with the focus in Peeled, Sliced and Decorative Veneers, Plywood, Blockboards and LVL. 2011 marked the 50th anniversary of the Group, with over 140 complete plants transferred in 120 different countries, we are the leading provider of PRE-OWNED and FULLY RENEWED Solutions committed to the principles of “COLOMBO EREDI APPROVED” . With more than 50 years of experience in Equipments’ commissioning and transferring and using our unique “STATE OF THE ART IN RENEWING TECHNOLOGY”, the Group focuses on establishing NEW STANDARDS in the reconditioning and in the “ADVANCED PACKAGE SERVICES”.