Thicknessing planer S630 CLASS

S 630 class

Thicknessing planer S630 CLASS

The best finish and effectiveness of the feeding of any material and in any working condition thanks to the pneumatic adjustment of rollers that allows to change at any time the pressure exerted on the work piece.

Interchangeable rollers: one machine for every requirement. Quik and easy changeover of the rollers that allows the operator to configure the machine drive function in case of special requirements such as minimum removal of fine wood and/or batches where multiple pieces of different thicknesses are processed.

Perfect result with different thicknesses thanks to the dual density roller that allows the best fluid feeding. Theedges are not damaged even when the work pieces are not perfectly aligned giving great results even with minimum removal.

Feeding rollers on connecting roads: perfect finish. The stopping of the work piece and the presence of notches on its surface are eliminated due to the movement system on all three rollers that allows their vertical displacement by rotation and the best linear feeding.

class s 630 s 520
Worktable dimensions mm 640x1000 530x900
Working width mm 630 520
Maximum working height (minimum) mm 300 (3,5) 300 (3,5)
Maximum stock removal mm 8 8
Variable feed speed with inverter m/min 4÷20 4÷20
Main motor power kW (HP) 7 (9,5) 7 (9,5)
Norma CE


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