Kj auktion

KJ Auction - Valuation and Machine Tool Auctions Your partner in disposal of machinery and equipment locally and internationally We offer valuation and disposal services of machinery and other operating assets. In case of a current need, we can - without obligation and no cost for you - make a targeted proposal for the disposal project in accordance with your wishes and requirements. We can offer you the best of two worlds:Local service:                              We are close to you and we can sell assets locallyInternational marketing             You benefit from the +320,000 buyer database  We are sales representative in Scandinavia for GoIndustry DoveBid-Ltd. Plc (www.go-dove.com).   Forward Flow  A forward flow agreement covers an agreed time period. Customers are usually larger enterprises with regularly need to sell machinery and equipment. The advantage is that the conditions are known and the workflow is a quick routine, so the sale can be implemented optimally. Often the buyer is found while the machine is still in operation. References for Forward Flow deals 

  • Sauer-Danfoss, Denmark / USA
  • Alfa-Laval, Sweden
  • Vestas Nacelles, Denmark

 Industries Sales methods differ according to what is appropriate in the situation: private treaty sales, online auction, online exchange auctions, webcast auctions (combination of traditional floor bids at the auction site and bids over the Internet) and traditional physical auction. We sell entire companies, production units, production lines and individual assets primarily in manufacturing industries: 

  • Metal and machine tools
  • Woodwording Industry
  • Biopharma / chemical industry
  • Plastics Industry
  • Printing industry
  • Food and beverages
  • Electronics and PCB
  • Construction
  • Agriculture
  • ...

 We also offer 

  • Scrapping
  • Final Cleanup
  • Valuation and registration.