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The history of ADS WOODWORKING ( web site advertisements of woodworking machinery) has beginning in 2004, year in which Chg di Chessa Francesco, dedicate itself to the realization of websites for the communication between European Companies.

ADS WOODWORKING is a web portal where are listed woodworking machinery mainly adapted to the field furnishing, new and second hand, for sale from the companies owners or traders of woodworking machinery.

All prices indicate have been supplied excluded Vat and for eventual negotiations you will address directly to the owner (there are all data in the publication ok woodworking machinery).

Particular attention has been turned to the facility of navigation, the search of the machinery and the companies, concurring also who is not an expert, to find in little click, woodworking machinery.

For the trader Ads Woodworking is an exceptional window, visited from thousands of people, in which exposing woodworking machinery and equipment without difficulty.

Little simplest steps are enough in order to create an announcement detailed and comprehensive of photographies for every machine or equipment. From that moment, after one ns. verification, the woodworking machinery will be online.

Ads Woodworking is moreover an effective web portal where publish traders or producers of woodworking machinery or of other categories that can offer services to Companies of the field of the wood.


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