Esp 2.1/8 vacuum dryer with 2 doors, airbags, pile 16m3

Esp 2.1/8 airbag

Vacuum dryer 

model Wtmvaglio ESP 2.1/8

stainless steel body

diameter 2100mm

pile 1.350 (height) x 1.515 (width) x 8.000 (lenght) mm - volume 16,3 m3

2 doors

2 electric boilers 

24 aluminum heating plates  15 x 1515 x 4000 mm

1 water ring pump for vacuum, entirely stainless steel made

1 water recirculation tank of the vacuum pump with areotherm and thermostats.

pressing system for timber pile made by 2 airbags, this equipment is usefull when you have to dry species that use to deform (i.e. beech, curly maple...).

Automatic control system and remote control by internet

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