Maşini de aplicat borduri pe canturi IMA ADVANTAGE 70 Uzate

Advantage 70

KMC020Maşini de aplicat borduri pe canturi IMA ADVANTAGE 70  Uzate SINGLE SIDED. GENERAL SPECIFICATIONS ► Applicable banding material in coils: thin edge and PVC up to 3 mm ► Applicable banding material in strips: solid wood up to 12 mm SYSTEM AND OPTIONALS OF THE PANEL HANDLING ► Running driving chain ► Top pression unit made by lines of idle wheels ► Top pression unit with adjustable height ► Input panel guide ► Lateral bar with lines of idle wheels to support the panels WORKING UNITS ON THE SQUARING SIDE ► Pre milling unit to rectify the side of the panel. It is made by 2 motors with automatic in/out intervention to avoid splinters on the panel - motors power 3 KW ( 12000 RPM) GLUING UNIT, INSERTION AND PRESSION OF THE EDGE ► Lamp zone to pre-heat the side of the panel ► Support for edge coil ► Hot-melt glue pot ► Spreading roller to regulate the quantity of apllied glue ► Guillotine to cut the edge in coils ► Roller set to press the edge on straight profiles - nr. 1 + 5 pression rollers WORKING UNITS ON THE EDGE BANDING SIDE ► End cutting unit with 2 motors to cut the excess edge on the front and back part of the panel - motors tiltable 0 / 10 degree - motors power 0.66 KW ( 11100 RPM) ► Top and bottom rough trimming unit - motors power 1 KW ( 11530 RPM) ► Double multifunction unit with regulation in automatic by numerical control. This unit has a double functions: A) to trim and round off the excess edge B) to round the edge corners on the top and bottom part of the panel - motors power 0.66 KW ( 11200 RPM) ► Edge scraping unit for the edge superfinishing ► Glue scraping unit to remove the excess glue from the join between edge and panel ► Brushing unit with 2 motors to clean and polish the upper and lower edge ► Free space to eventually add on request an additional working unit CONTROL OF THE MACHINE AND ACCESSORIES ► Control and program system ICOS OPEN TS with the following features: - screen colour - "touch screen" system ► Adjustable hanging command board to control the machine ► Incorporated electrical cabinet NORM AND OPTIONAL FOR THE SECURITY ► Safety and sound-proof enclosure cabinet of the working units


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