stitcher frames ALFAMACCHINE MINIGRAF 44

Minigraf 44

stitcher framework imaging Italian company "ALFAMACCHINE"
- Model Minigraf 44. Highly suitable where it is necessary to quickly change the format of spinanych arms frame, in terms of thickness and width ramion.Urządzenie is equipped with a range of facilities to enable, among other things work with rear and front of the unit, changing the angle of the position of the machine base as well combining elements at 90, 120, and 135 degrees. Stitcher Minigraf 44 to connect the arms framework uses metal staples Afagraf with a height of 7, 10 and 15 mm. which gives a strong and reliable connection Specifications:
Strip width of 10 - 120 mm
Profile height of 5 - 80 mm
Magazine capacity staples approx. 230 pcs
The distance between staples max 100 mm
The height of staples 7, 10, 15 mm
Compressed air pressure 4 - 6 bars
Unit weight about 70 kg
External dimensions 60x52x125 cm



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