Vertical Panel Saw - PUTSCH MENICONI - SVP 420 AT, CE

Putsch meniconi
Svp 420 at, ce

• Brand: Putsch meniconi
• Model: Svp at 420, CE
• Condition: Brand new
Technical feauters:
• The display guides the user in the management of horizontal and vertical cuttings:

 The measures can be established on a touch screen according to the position of the cutting head. When one turns the head, the display goes automatically from X axis to Y one and vice versa. On the display we can see the effective measure and the set quotation.

• Automatic positioning of the knocker to do vertical cuttings

 Thanks to this technology the positioning of the knocker is automatically and rapidly controlled.

• Head Sliding along 2 linear guides

 Putsch Meniconi SVP 420 AUTOMATIC TOUCH vertical panel saw has as standard equipment the sliding of the head along two linear guides permitting to the operator an high speed of use for a more precise and accurate panel cutting.

• The most heavy duty and affordable frame

 SVP 420 AUTOMATIC TOUCH is equipped with a welded steel frame with decimal cutting precision, the manual movement of the beam and the carriage for horizontal and vertical cutting. The plunging and returning of the blade group happens through an ergonomic handle. The grid can be equipped with TRK dusting system for horizontal cutting and Eco system with TRK dusting for each vertical point of the frame.

• Automatic Vertical Cutting and Horizontal Cutting

 Putsch Meniconi SVP 420 AUTOMATIC TOUCH panel saw is able to automatically perform vertical cutting and horizontal cutting aluminium sheets, plastic materials cutting, composite materials panels cutting. SVP 420 AUTOMATIC TOUCH panel saw has an automatic entrance and return of the blade group with the possibility to select the stop of the cycle end or return to the initial point with double advancing speed 12-24 m/1′ we can do cuttings on different kind of materials.

• Scoring unit with 2 split saw blades

 The scoring group with 2 split saw blades is adapt to cut chipboard panels veeners, melamine, and laminates. The width of the dent is in relation to the main blade creating a pre-cutting and permitting a material cutting more precise and faster.

• Saw unit with two double blades with independent motor

 SVP 420 AUTOMATIC TOUCH panel saw is equipped with a saw unit with two double blades with 80 mm diameter with independent 0,25 HP motor with mechanic insertion. The main motor never overcharges.

• Head sliding along two linear guides

 Putsch Meniconi SVP 420 AUTOMATIC TOUCH vertical panel saw is equipped with the head sliding along two linear guides allowing the operator a high speed of tuning and horizontal cuttings.

• Pneumatic Movable Platen

 On the front part of the frame of this Putsch Meniconi panel saw there is a movable supporting plan where we can load in total security the strips to cut. This grid has a pneumatic shifting frame that permits the going away of the circular blade and avoid that the horizontal approaching strips can be damaged. A Putsch Meniconi system placed on SVP 420 AUTOMATIC TOUCH makes an automatic control of the movement.

• Lower aluminium supports with polyzene carry-overs

 Putsch Meniconi SVP 420 AUTOMATIC TOUCH has lower supports in aluminium with polizene carry-overs that create the most stable laying base. This automatic cutting machine is equipped with mid-fence for a comfortable and practical cutting also at heights superior to the user’s head.


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