Auctelia: Used industrial equipment auctioneer and broker

Much more than a classified ad website!
Auctelia's business is to assist buyers and sellers throughout the entire sales process. We are not just there to remarket used equipment, we pay attention to every step of the sale, from online listing to pick up, including payment and invoicing.

Our added value:

Customised advice
Optimised price fixing
Secure payments and trusted third party
Large, qualified European and international buyers: each sale is highly visible to buyers that follow us on a daily basis. Thanks to our address book, network and advertising (online and local/national/international press), over 10,000 buyers place their trust in us and are checking regularly for new online sales on
Administrative management and invoicing
To ensure successful sales and purchases between professionals, we offer our customers a platform designed specifically for professionals:
Practical, robust and fast resale process (auctions and direct sales)
Secure transactions
Telephone and e-mail support

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Auctelia SA
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VAT : BE 0809.950.691, RPM Dinant

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