fingerjointing line automat two tenonig

Two tenonig

fingerjointing line automat two tenonig Year of construction: 2005 Machine condition: very good Offertype: used machine offer Location: Poland Technical data: Equipment: 1 Milling-czopiarka DFC 60D with a team of administration glue - 2 pieces 2 receiving table with table buffer SO + SB. 3 chain conveyor loop. 4 panel pre obstructive ZWCZ. 5 Press PHSL splicing - s / n 61 6 The hydraulic ZHE - s / n 11579673/009. 7 The pressure vessel WAN-CA glue line PDFD consists of two basic components: Jacks Milling-tenoning machines DFC 60 (where are machined face strips) and presses splicing PHSL which is a merger of elements in the strip to a length of 6.6 m with programmable to eight międzycięć dividing strip to a length preset by the operator. The presented configuration of the line allows for maximum performance of up to 7200 m / shift. Microprocessor control allows for flexible adjustment of the operating parameters to the user's needs. Presented machine has the ability to machine components of "calzing" as well as components for the manufacture of countertops (combined "on the dash"). Use Table Receiving automatically fed to the conveyor slats press PHSL allows you to operate the line by one, giving the elements of the employee. Table receiver is equipped with a shutter buffer increasing productivity and workflow. The line operates in automatic and manual loading of the material. Components of the line can be made in different (agreed with the customer) configurations to customize the machine to the user's premises. DESCRIPTION OF OPERATION: Wooden slats are provided by the operator on the truck first milling shapers. Application components initiates milling cycle. The first milling equalization faces of the package and then milling the contour of the finger. The package is shown on the second milling table shapers where the processing is performed on the other side of the package and the application of the adhesive. Items served with shapers DFC - 60 D by chain conveyor, are introduced to the team pre-obstructive, where using a set of shafts and presser made the initial terminal of the V-squared before being introduced to the press. Initially plugged squares, are directed to the press table where, after obtaining the required length, followed by the truncation. Then, using strips pushing and clamping strip is moved to the bed area of ​​the pressure, where the pressing process. Glued and pressed, ready strip is pushed on the table receiving the press. When the invert squared bed in the pressure area, in parallel with the operations described above, is in the process of administration to the press table of elements. This keeps the continuous operation of the press, and thus allows for more efficient bonding Technical Operating Data: Width of the input packet shapers, milling mm 600 Beam elements glued mm 40 ÷ 155 The length of the elements glued mm 170 ÷ 900 The thickness of the elements glued mm 20 ÷ 70 Operating air pressure of 0.6 MPa Compressed air m ^ (3) / h around 25 Working capacity cycle. / Min. to 2.5 (strip 6600 mm) The length of the bonded mm 4500 ÷ 6600 Operating voltage V AC 3 x 400 + N + PE Control voltage V DC 24 2004 after major renovation



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