CNC working centre CIELLE - ITALIA  DELTA 200/300 - CE Standard

Cielle - italia 
Delta 200/300

CNC working  centre for plastic materials, alucobond cutting, honeycomb cardboard and packaging cutting, sponge cutting, plexiglass cutting and engraving, hard plastic resins, wood, brass, steel, metal sheets and various materials - CE Standard

The permitted machining operations are: vertical engravings, flat profile milling, cutting, chip removal, drilling.

  • Technical data:
  • Worktable surface mm 2090 x 3600
  • Width between columns mm 2420
  • Horizontal stroke X axis 2000 mm
  • Longitudinal stroke Y axis mm 3000
  • Vertical stroke Z axis 200 mm
  • Electrospindle with 8-position automatic tool changer - power Kw 2 - ISO 20 tool taper - Maximum speed 40.000 rpm - Servoventilated cooling - Volt 380 
  • Maximum working speed 20 mt/min 
  • Maximum displacement speed 40 mt/min
  • Pneumatic circuit pressure processing unit 6 bar
  • Connection type with RS232 remote PC
  • Control unit : contains the electrical and electronic part and the circuits (drivers) for movements along the X Y Z axis - Supply voltage volt 380 - overall dimensions mm 570 x 810 x 1350 h - weight kg 165
  • Vacuum table for workpiece clamping: it consists of various perforated and side by side aluminium profiles. Each profile is connected to a connection equipped with a manual valve at the rear of the worktable. All the fittings are connected to a suction manifold - The valves allow the various modules to be selected so as to optimise suction by connecting only the areas of the table necessary for clamping the workpieces. The manifold is connected by a flexible hose to a liquid filter. The electric fan is connected to the filter outlet. 
  • Electric fan power 9 Kw - revolutions 2800
  • Programming unit
  • Cielle Software
  • External portable keypad
  • Continuous jet chiller
  • Mechanical probe
  • Overall dimensions of assembled  machine: mm 4100 x 2850 x 2200 h 
  • Overall dimensions of disassembled machine: mm 4100 x 2450 x 2200 h 
  • Weight kg 4500

Code: ML0177


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