Stefani Evolution SSB double edgebander

Evolution ssb

Product code: RIP 11

Double edge squaring machine Stefani brand

Evolution SSB model

Year 2010

Double-sided edgebander squaring machine with fixed left shoulder for transversal panel processing, Suitable for squaring and edging straight and soft panels formed with roll and strip material according to the machine set-up.


Variable track feed speed m / min 10-40
For ABS edge thicknesses greater than 2 mm: processing speed cannot exceed 30 m / min
In the case of softforming processing, the feed speed can vary according to the type of profile and edge applied

Technical data

Edge thickness 0.3-12 mm
Edge height 12-65 mm
Min. Length roll mm 230
Min. Length strips 230 mm
Min. Length solid wood mm 230
Max.cutting section:
plastic edge mm2 135 (mm 3x45)
wooden edge mm2 96 (mm 3x32)
Strip pack capacity with
single or double roll warehouse 200 mm
Strip pack capacity with
warehouse with 6 rolls 175 mm
Glue pot capacity 1.2 kg
Glue melting capacity with pre-melter kg / h 22
Panel size:

Thickness: 10-60 mm
Rounded softforming panels 10-40 mm
Min.panel width:

Standard straight machining mm 215
Softforming processing mm 265
Panel width max mm 3200

Variable working height 960-970 mm

Automatic panel introduction system complete with:

infeed transfer by belt;
belt transfer outfeed;
right entry guide;
device for centering the panels with adjustable pneumatic automatism, mounted on a mobile shoulder;
elongation of the incoming chain for the automatic introduction of a panel with the transverse side of max. 1000 mm;
driving pins with 900 mm center distance, with automatic insertion controlled by the presence of the panel; selection on 3 height positions: 12, 18 and 25 mm;
peg holding system with felt sectors also suitable for processing panels with delicate surfaces and logical management for reducing the spaces between the panels;
panel support to the chain rungs consisting of two pneumatically operated connecting rods, fixed at the entrance to the upper pressers.
Soundproof booths
PC control system for quick and easy management of the main functions of the machine. complete with (additional features):

Simple and guided diagnostics for the easy solution of any errors
Statistical processing data: number of pieces and meters worked, hours of use, etc.
Production efficiency measurement (indicator of actual production compared to the maximum achievable production)
Languages: Italian, French, German, Spanish
Groups and functionalities (basic functionality + optional):

Independent shoulder processing: for asymmetrical panel processing.
Uninterruptible power supply
1200 mm transversal panel entry
Anti-adhesive unit for glue complete with spray guns
Anti-chipping unit and automatic double chipping unit
Upgraded engines
Additional pressure rollers
Adaptation for MC4 pre-melter in addition to the already existing LMS pre-melter
Interchangeable glue tank
Two rolls vertical magazine with automatic change
Automatic cutter group
Motor manually tiltable 0-90 °
Double direction of rotation
Tool size diameter 180-220 mm
Group to pre-heat the panel with two 1500w lamps before the gluing group
Gluing device for straight pieces
Pre fuser
copying of the glue pot on the linear guides with recirculating balls
interchangeable glue pot
check edge presence
fume extraction hood
movement of the spreading roller with inverter
guillotine shear for edge rolls
automatic edge loading
Upper end trimming group
Top and bottom trimming unit
Blower group for cleaning panels
Edging group for abs and pvc
Kit 2 automatic positions for MSW
Rounding unit with 4 quick release motors and automatic positioning
U milling unit in favor of feed for upper, lower or lateral pass-through millings
Accuracy +/- 2 mm
Suction hood added for milling unit
Edge scraper unit complete with blower
Glue scraper unit complete with blowers for cleaning knives and pneumatic intervention
group of overlapping tiltable brushes
group to revive the double border

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