BIESSE Brema 2.2 CNC Machining Centre

Brema 2.2

- Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)
- Single axis package for drill head
- 6,5 kW electrospindle
- Angle saw unit HSK-F 63
- 8-fold plate changer
- Y-reading device
- Preparation for outfeed transport
- Starter Kit "Clamex"
- NC-Hops 7.0 Machine License
- Free activation Hops 6

Exhibition machine / subject to prior sale
ATTENTION Pictures may show accessories not included

general product information "Biesse Brema EKO 2.2 CNC drilling machine
Brema Eko 2.2 is the new compact and versatile
vertical machining centre, which is ideal for
minimum space requirement Workpieces with different
Edit dimensions.
It offers the ideal solution for the "Just-in-Time
production, especially with the focus on milling
- Maximum equipment of the machine according to the
  Production requirements
- Maximum production efficiency due to elimination of
  Setup times
- Large variety of machining options

Brema EKO 2.2
CNC machining centre
X' machining range: 3200 mm
Y' machining range: 1250 mm

Workpiece dimensions                
(min - max) MIN MAX    
Length X 200 - 3200 mm
Height Y 35 - 1250 mm
Thickness Z 8 - 60 mm
Maximum workpiece weight 50 kg

** ratio of workpiece height (Y) to workpiece length (X)
   <= 0,75 for workpieces up to L=320mm
°° Ratio of workpiece height (Y) to workpiece length (X)
   <=1,5 for workpieces L>320mm

* For short workpieces, which can only be machined with one clamping
  pliers, all types of the pliers can also be clamped
  Processing possible. Exceptions are processing in
  area of the collet itself.

When machining at the height of the collets, a
turning of the workpiece may be necessary.

In any case, the desired machining operations must be carried out.
according to the workpiece dimensions (especially for
minimum requirements), the materials used and
of the machine configuration.

Machining areas of the tools
(the dimensions - min and max - refer to the tool axes)
Length (X) MIN MAX    
Drilling 0 - 3200 mm
Milling (with electric spindle) 0 - 3200^ mm
Grooving (with grooving saw blade)
in X direction 0 - 3200^ mm
Height (Y) MIN MAX    
Drilling 0 - 1250 mm
Milling (with electric spindle) 0 - 1250 Rf mm
Grooving (with grooving saw blade)
in X direction 25 - 1250 mm    
Thickness (Z) MIN MAX        
Horizontal bores 35
                                   0 - Ru mm    

(^) Clamping the collets
(°) The maximum dimension may be reduced, depending on
    the workpiece side which is being machined and from
   the position of the collets.

Workpiece reference system
The pre-positioning of the workpiece in longitudinal direction
(X-direction) takes place in the loading area on the left
machine side by a stop, which is located in a
is placed in a fixed position in the worktable. A
Laser photocell automatically reads the workpiece reference
in X (zero point); additionally, the same photocell reads
the real workpiece length, provided that this function is used in the machining
work program is activated. In the event that the
detected dimensions do not match those of the program
the machine does not perform any machining operations

Machine structure
Standardized and sandblasted steel structure with through-hole
standard machine stand, which is designed for the installation of
is machined from linear guides and carriages.
The design enables the construction of machining
units on the front of the stand.

Workpiece positioning unit
The workpiece positioning system in X direction is
by two collets, which hold the workpiece during
Keep the machining phase clamped. The movement takes place
by means of two independently driven servo motors.
The collets are equipped with a system for detecting the
thickness of the workpiece, which makes it possible to work in
real time to adjust the program value and the necessary
to ensure precision in the Z-direction during machining do.
Fully automatic opening and clamping during the
Processing phase for workpiece thicknesses between 8 - 60 mm.
(AXES X1-X2)

Workpiece contact surface
The workpiece contact surface on which the machining and
units, consists of a series of rubber-
of layered rollers, which determine the workpiece reference in
Form Z-direction. On the opposite side of the
processing unit, a back pressure system is installed,
which holds the workpiece optimally in the machine. The
Positioning takes place automatically via a brush-
loose motor depending on the workpiece thickness.
Working height of the workpiece support surface in the clamping
pliers: 900 mm (+/- 10 mm).

Safety devices
To ensure the safety of the operator
the machine is equipped with a protection system,
which allows access to the machining area. hindering.
The security system complies with the euro-
European machinery directive 2006/42/EC.
Control cabinet
The control cabinet of protection class IP54 is complete with
all power elements for the axis controls (basic
machine 5 axes).
The servo motors and the corresponding servo packs are


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