BIESSE Rover A 1532 CNC Machining Centre

Rover a 1532

Type: Rover A 1532
Protective device: Bumper
tool changer: 23 - compartment lateral linear changer
Axles: 5-axis
Milling spindle: 13 KW (HSK 63)
tool changer: 13-fold plate changer
Vacuum pump: 250m³/H
Z-dimension: 245mm
drilling spindles horizontal: 5 grid 32mm
drilling spindles vertical: 17 grid 32mm
grooving saw: 120 Ø mm
Positioning aids: 4
Consoles: 6 ATS manually adjustable
Lateral stops: 4 + 2
workpiece dimensions: 3140 x 1560mm

ATTENTION Pictures may show accessories not included
Exhibition machine / subject to prior sale

Other equipment: incl.
- Safety devices with front and rear bumper
- System for automatically lifting protective bands
- Replacement of the standard cable drag of the X-axis, with a closed chain
- Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)
- 6 ATS workpiece supports - 24 module carriers
- 7 additional connections with quick coupling
- Division of the pneumatic system into 2 working areas in X
- 6 rear row stops
- 6 stops of the middle row
- 6 stops of the front row
- 4 lateral stops
- 2 additional stops (1 left + 1 right)
- 8 Veneer fences
- 24 sensors for monitoring the lowering of the stop
- 4 Positioning aids
- 250 m³/h vacuum pump with cams
- 18 vacuum modules 132 x 146 - H74 mm
- 6 vacuum modules 132 x 75 - H74 mm
- 6 vacuum modules 132 x 54 - H74 mm
- 2 clamping devices Uniclamp with double movement
- 2 round clamping plates Ø 130 mm
- Chip conveyor belt integrated in the machine bed
- Automatic lubrication system
- Processing unit with 5 interpolating axes 13 kW
- Flange for the preparation of a machining unit with 5 interpolating axes for the assembly of aggregates
- Suction hub with 12 NC-controlled positions
- Coolant system
- BH29 2L drill head with automatic lubrication
- Lateral tool magazine with 23 places in the machine bed
- turret tool magazine with 13 places
- Remote control
- bSolid
- Service package SOPHIA
- NC-Hops 7.0 Machine License
- NC-Hops 7.0 1st AV license

general Product information "Biesse Rover A 1532 CNC machining centre

As proof of the quality of its products and services, BIESSE has been ISO 9001 certified since 1995 and operates in compliance with the UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 standard; most of the components used in the machining centers are manufactured by companies within the Biesse Group or come from companies of world renown that have been working with Biesse for years and are listed in the "Biesse Register of Qualified Suppliers".
The acceptance tests of each machining centre include the following points:
- Checking the machining units and pre-assembled assemblies
- Non-stop test with simulated processing for a minimum duration of 10 hours
- Control of the X- and Y-axes Positioning and repeat accuracy by means of interferometer laser (VDI/3441 norm)
- Checking the X and Y axes by a software function: The values determined by the laser test are transmitted to the axis drives to increase the positioning accuracy
- Function test with drilling and milling on workpieces at all machine zero points.

The machine bed consists of an electro-welded steel construction, which is reinforced at the most stressed points.
The X-traversing beam consists of an X carriage and a Y beam, reinforced by strong internal plates to minimize deformations due to bending and torsional moments generated during the operation of the machining center.
A CAD package for solid manufacturing has been used for the design, showing deformations of the structure due to static and dynamic loads. During the simulation of the working conditions, the most
loaded parts of the structure are displayed.
All these characteristics ensure maximum stability, high long-term precision and high quality of manufacture even in the most difficult machining operations.
The support plate for the machining units (Y axis) and the support plate for the Z axis are made of a reinforced structure of light aluminium alloy which is machined in only one clamping.


Biesse uses servo motors controlled by digital drives. Digital management of the interconnection between the CNC control and the axis drive.
The Mechatrolink digital system offers:
- higher feed speed during machining, as the path processing is partly carried out by the drive instead of the CNC control
- high machining precision thanks to the increase in processing speed
- high reliability thanks to the reduction of cable connections and shielding against electrical interference that can occur in analogue systems
- Diagnostic messages directly on the CNC control, which helps to reduce machine downtime

Drive X-axis and Y-axis
For the movement of the moving column along the longitudinal axis (X axis), Biesse uses two pinions in opposite directions to avoid backlash (see photo) and in the transverse direction (Y axis), Biesse uses the pinion-rack solution, which ensures high acceleration and feed speeds.
The rack and pinion are in accordance with accuracy class 6 (DIN 3962 standard).

Z axis drive
For the movement of the mach


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