Machining center Homag Baz 32 g optimat Second hand 1998

Baz 32 g optimat

Working Area 3200 x 1300 mm
- Axis displacement speed "X", "Y": 0 - 80 m / min - 0 - 80 m / min
- Linear speed "Z" axis: 0 - 30 m / min
- Full worktop where the vacuum required to lock the suction cups on which the workpieces are placed is collected inside
- vacuum pump 100 mc / h
- No. 5 independent spindles for vertical drilling in the "X" direction
- Nr. 4 independent spindles for vertical drilling in "Y" direction
- Nr. 1 electrospindle positioned vertically - automatic tool changer - "C" VECTOR AXLE that allows to rotate and position at 360 ° angular transmission heads with automatic rotation adjustment by numerical control - liquid cooling system - motor power 12 KW - HSK F63 (1,500 - 24,000 rpm)

- Automatic system for edging on straight profiles of shaped panels
- Edges applicable in rolls: thin and PVC up to 3 mm
- Independent group for edge application on shaped panels. The unit is mounted on the main beam of the machine - Glue tank for hot melt glue - spreader roller for adjusting the amount of glue applied - edge pressure roller
- Multiple magazine for reels to automatically change the type of border
- Rear tool changer magazine with nr. 12 - HSKF63 positions
- Angular return head with 1 outlet for disk milling cutter used for edge trimming and channel cutting
- Edge-trimming head-under-up unit
- Edge scraper head
- Blower head-group for cleaning the profile to be edged by air jet
- HOMATIC programming and control system
- CE standards



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