Vertical Panel Putsch Meniconi Svp 145 Plus (Electronic vertical/horizontal measuring display)

Putsch meniconi
Svp 145 plus (visualizzatori digitali)

Machine Details

  • BRAND Putsch Meniconi
  • MODEL: Svp 145 Plus
  • CONDITION: Brand New
  • DELIVERY: Ready


Technical details


This top-range model has been in the industry market. It is very solid and accurate, and guarantees great performances. Unique technical details to ease the set-up and cutting.

Applications: Wood – Forex – Alucobond ®  – Dibond ® – Sandwich – Aluminium – Plexiglass

Technical details:          

  • height of vertical cut mm. 2200
  • height of horizontal cut mm. 2080
  • length of cut mm. 4200
  • depth of cut mm. 60
  • Motor output 5 HP
  • Blade diameter 250
  • Blade rpm 5300
  • Scoring unit diameter mm. 70
  • Motor output for scoring unit

Optionals on demand:

  • The unique adjustable thickness system for cutting operations
  • Repeat cutting device of horizontal strips
  • Dust catcher for horizontal cuttings, to be connect to a dust collector system
  • Indipendent motor of scoring unit
  • Main blade and scoring unit with 2 split saw blades
  • Adjustable thickness stop for grooving operations
  • Flat supporting frame for a better stability of thin panels
  • Electronic vertical measuring display
  • Electronic horizontal measuring display
  • Base with supports and retractable rollers
  • The automatic shifting frame allows to avoid the cutting of plastic strips during horizontal cuttings
  • Sliding support for narrow pieces
  • Angle cutting device
  • Low level stop
  • Extra short cutting device
  • Output ECO System for connection to a dust collector
  • Integrated dust-exhaust system
  • Overall dimensions mm. 5600 x 1500 x 3000h
  • Weight 500


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Silvi Marina - Teramo

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