Artiglio St115 lmi 900 log saw plant

Bongioanni artiglio
St115 lmi 900


COLUMN BONGIOANNI ST 115 right sense
Flywheels diameters 1150 mm.
Flywheels face width 115 mm for blade width mm 130x1,1
Electric blade tensionning 
Automatic blade guide driven from console 
Both blade and flywheel are lubricated by naphtha in basins equipped with felt, positioned in key points of the machine 
Squared protection case  (carter)   
Main motor 50 HP ( 37 kW )  V.380/50 at star-delta starting  

Hydraulic Log carriage Artiglio Model LMI 900 CEE year 1999
4 hydraulic clamps
Clamp cross opening by the blade mm 900
Max opening hooks mm. 800
Hydraulic closure of the hooks
Hydraulic hook output from 15 to 125 mm
Electronic thickness divider connected to an axis control for insertion of preset thicknesses and Elco model cutting programs Mod. EM 08
No. 3 electro-hydraulic chain turnwriters, inclination up to 90 ° to facilitate tilting and rotation of the trunk
Hydraulic feed with variable speed continuously from 0 to 80 m / min
Centralized and automated lubrication system
Double station control unit with chair: by means of two multifunctional manipulators all the truck functions are controlled. Free locations for the installation of completion mechanization.
Electric cables on pantograph
Flat and profiled rails
Length of the carriage m 5.50
kW 13,5

Loading motorized chain conveyor

Unloading neutral roller conveyor



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