sliding table saw scm si 550 ep class

Si 550 ep class

Circular saw working wood with 550 mm blade, electronic and programmable.
The best answer for solid wood working, thanks to a technology centered together with easy to use.

This circular saw for woodworking is equipped with a large cast iron surface that guarantees maximum stability and durability over time, as well as allowing easy and precise machining thanks to the perfect planarity of the plan obtained with careful grinding.

The Scm Wood Scraper is also equipped with a motorized parallel guide programmable with large ball bar handling and steel cable transmission, position reading via magnetic stripe.
Also available for this circular woodworking saw are the various angular cutting devices that allow it to be used with utmost precision and without scrap due to cutting errors.

Machine type
programmed electronics
Squared capacity with chariot
and extension length mm 3200x3200
Main blade diameter mm 550
Blade inclination
90 ° / 46 °
Rotation speed blade main g / min 2500-3500-5000
Engraving blade rotation speed
not present
Cutting height at 90 ° / 45 °
without engraving blade 550 mm mm 200/130
Main blade motor Hz 50 kW (HP) 7 (9.5)


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