Wide belt sanders Dmc Topsand 2000 5 tapes Second hand

Topsand 2000

Calibrating Sander DMC Topsand 2000 5 tapes mm 1,350 C.E.

Complete of
1- Group Transverse Tape with Electronic Sectional Buffer 54 Sectors
2- group Slotted steel calibrator roll diam.400
3- roll rubber assembly 40/50 Shorte diam.400
4-sectioned electronic swab block 54 sectors
5-segment 54-segment Superfinitor Electronic Sectional Buffer
6- swarovski brushed brush scotch
7- blower unit for panel cleaning
Inverters on all tapes (excluding 2-speed calibrator)
Depressible rug with variable feed through inverter
Blowers on all tapes
Clamping support pneumatic ribbon assembly
Development of belts mm 3.200 X 1.350
Machine with upright mobile stand


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