Automatic polishing and buffing machine EMME ELLE L.B.A.S. 1300

Emme elle
L.b.a.s. 1300


Automatic polishing and buffing machine EMME ELLE  L.B.A.S. 1300

for polishing  of panels  finished with polyesters, polyuretanics, and with other various type of paints 


Machine composition:

1 main polishing unit  composed of 4 rotating rolls  made up of 350 mm diameter cotton disks

2 external buffing units independent of each other . Each unit is composed of 5 pads  of 250 mm diameter

The two finishing cycles, independent on each other,  enable the machine to carry out the polishing on the first working table and the buffing on the second working table at the same time.

Thanks to this system  the machine never stops, sparing time and granting a raise in production


Tecnical data:

Table lenght  mm 14.500

Two working tables : Working lenght  mm 3200 – Working width  mm 1300 – Max height mm 100

No. 4 polishing cotton rolls diameter  350 mm -  and  no. 10 buffing pads  diameter  250 mm


Code: ML0124










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