Solid wood ripping machine MZ PROJECT mod. MZ LC 2500

Mz project
Mz lc 2500

Solid wood ripping machine mod. MZ LC 2500 – renewed by MZ PROJECT


Cutting length 0 – 2500 mm
Cutting height 0 – 130 mm
Cutting speed adjustable 0 – 60 mt/min
Electric motor and inverter for cutting speed adjustment 1,5 Kw                     
Motorized positive stop by “forward/backward” push-buttons and digital readout

Positive stop stroke capacity 0 – 300 mm
Positive stop motor power and inverter 0,55 Kw
The clamping bar is guided at both ends and it is needed to keep the timber steady during the ripping operation.
The machine is also equipped with a laser for a fast and precise positioning of the timber on the cutting line.
The aluminium tilting table is located to the rear of the machine at the same level of the work table. It supports the timber during cutting operation and evacuates the finished parts.

Warranty: 6 (six) months only on mechanical parts


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