Různé RBO ASTER P2 Použité

Aster p2

 Různé RBO ASTER P2 Použité GENERAL SPECIFICATIONS ► Single side for the stacking of the panels of the production line ► Panels workable also in double row ► Useful width of the panel 1000 mm ► Useful length of the panel 4000 mm ► Vacuum pump SYSTEM AND OPTIONALS OF THE PANEL HANDLING ► Automatic system to turn the panel 180 degree ► Motorized transfer conveyor for the receiving of the panels from the production line - with rollers and belts - with additional guide ► Suction cup frame for the handling of the working panels that are lifted and put down through a vacuum system for the workpieces locking ► Nr. 2 horizontal bars ► Suction cups for each horizontal bar ► Automatic device to detach the panels from the suction cups CONTROL OF THE MACHINE AND ACCESSORIES ► Control and program system with the following features: - screen colour ► Adjustable separated command board to control the machine - "touch screen" system ► Separated electrical cabinet NORM AND OPTIONAL FOR THE SECURITY ► Security norme CE mark ► Protection grids installed on the machine


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