ESSEPIGI RAPID 2000 Pokosová pila

Essepigi rapid 2000

RAPID 2000 DOUBLE řezací stroj A AUTOMATICKÁ Vyvrtávačka

  • Cutting length: min. 160mm / max. 2100mm
  • A sliding system through "air cushion" allows a very easy 0º to 60º angular adjustment.
  • 2 saw units with Ø 250 or 250 or 350mm saw-blades, driven by 3Hp motors. The horizontal cutting stroke length is 400mm and slides on prismatic guides.
  • 2 boring units with 5 spindle, pitch in cross 32-32-25-20, driven by 3Hp motors. The units slide on prismatic guides and it is possible to be adjusted vertically & horizontally.
  • Control board separeted from the machine and placed to the left of it. the machine is controlled by an electronic PLC with microprocessors.
  • Foot pedal for clamps control with start bimanual push-button panel for operator safety
  • Guards in according to "CE" rules.


OPTIONALS installed on the machine:

  1. 2 lower counter rotating scoring units, with Ø 120mm. HM saw blades, and driven by Atlas Copco high speed motors. Completely adjustable.
  2. Automatic hopper feed, with vertical storage for rough cut pieces. Max. breadth of the pieces 130mm. Minimum cutting length 270mm.
  3. UNIAXIS electronic positioner for the automatic cutting length adjustment (accuracy +/- 0,2 mm). 99 programs can be memorised through a keyboard. Build-in electronic piececounter.
  4. Special support bench to process short pieces until 100mm. This bench can be pulled out the machine. Two adjustable fences with millimetric reference bar. On this bench you put one piece on the left and another on the right: the machine will process them through one cycle.
25 000.00 €


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