Centro di lavoro UNITEAM PROFESSIONAL nuovo

04/08/2014 - 20:41


Centro di lavoro UNITEAM PROFESSIONAL nuovo - Centri di lavoro


Centro di lavoro UNITEAM PROFESSIONAL nuovo
5 AXES TECHNICAL FEATURES Working field X axis: 5.200mm Working field Y axis: 1.550-1.250mm Working field Z axis: 250mm Maximum speed X axis: 60m/1’ Maximum speed Y axis: 50m/1’ Maximum speed Z axis: 25m/1’ Rotation angle C axis: 360 Rotation angle Α axis: 210 +-1050 respecting the vertical position of electrospindle. Power of electrospindle 16kW - Liquid cooled Router rotation speed: 1.000÷24.000rpm Type and diameter of elastic collets ERG40 (min–max) 3÷30mm Tool changer 16 positions + 1 position for the sawblade D350mm Multidrilling head composed from 20 individual drills, where: -5 are on axis Χ and 5 are on axis Υ. -3+3 vertical drills opposite and individual, for holes along Χ axis. -2+2 lateral drills for holes along Υ axis Axial system with Lathe -Lathe with axis controlled from Brushless motor with the capacity to work piece in length 1200mm and width/height 150x150 mm. The system control is OSAI 5 Axes leading and microscribe ready, with additional CAD/CAM AlphaCam (onepost) from Licom working ready with its postprossesor. Automatic Lubrication system Air working pressure: 6-7bar Connection to air supply: ½” G Suction inlet diameter: 250mm Minimal speed suction: 30m/s Average air consumption per cycle: 5300m3/h Vacuum pump capacity: 250 MC/H Working base height: 860mm Machine dimensions (W x L x H): 7.500x2.380x3.000mm



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